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How do I get support for the VH Dissector?

  1. For technical questions, review the FAQs below to see if they address your question or problem.
  2. To learn more about using the software, please look at the FAQs and getting started worksheets in the lesson index within the program.
  3. Send an email to including details of your problem as well as your product key or call us at 1-800-329-2979

Our normal hours of business are Monday through Friday 8:30am-5:00pm Mountain Time. We will respond to all inquiries made during normal business hours on the same day. Email and voice mail received after business hours, during the weekend or on holidays will be responded to the next business day.

I have lost my product key that came with my download, how could I get a new one?

We do not give out new product keys. However, please send us the original email you purchased the VH Dissector with to and we can look up your existing key.

I get an error message asking me to reactivate the program because of a "significant hardware change." I followed the directions and when trying to re-enter my product key it reported that the key is already in use. How can I reactive the program?

This error is sometimes seen after updating your hardware or running large Windows updates. Send an email to that includes the error message and your product key.

I purchased the VH Dissector Pro/Lite and have installed it but the product key I was given does not seem to work. Every time I enter this product key it reports that the product key is invalid. How can I activate the program?

Send an email to that includes the error message and your product key.

Do you offer any kind of interactive support to assist users in need additional assistance?

Yes we do offer online interactive support through the use of a screen sharing application. Using this application, we are able share your computer screen and provide additional support.