VH Dissector VR, AR & XR

Virtual Experiences with Real Anatomy

VH Dissector VR, AR and XR

Bringing Anatomy to Life with VR, AR & XR Solutions

The VH Dissector in VR, AR & XR takes the foundational real anatomy of the VH Dissector and brings it to life in immersive 3D. In these virtual and augmented reality environments, learners are able to quickly comprehend complex structural relationships and explore the human body in a highly interactive and intuitive way. Supporting a variety of hardware platforms allows the VH Dissector to fit seamlessly into any learning environment. Reach out to us to discuss your needs and how these solutions can help you achieve your instructional goals.

VH Dissector XR

VH Dissector XR

  • Augmented reality combined with the fidelity of virtual reality for high quality, detailed visualizations of real anatomical structures in a real world context.
  • Varjo XR-3 and Lenovo powered solution for the highest quality visual performance available.
  • Ideal for detailed anatomical exploration and research integrated with real physical environments in anatomy labs and surgical training and simulation centers.
VH Dissector VR

VH Dissector VR

  • Fully immersive environment allows for high quality, detailed visualizations of real anatomical structures and curriculum content.
  • Several hardware options available to meet a variety of price points, portability and performance needs.
  • Ideal for dedicated anatomical study where fidelity and anatomical detail are important independent of real world environments.
VH Dissector AR

VH Dissector AR

  • Augmented reality allows for virtual elements to be projected into real world environments for in context study and discussion of gross anatomical concepts.
  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 powered solution for lightweight, untethered operation.
  • Ideal for mobile access where convenience and in context visualization are more important than precise anatomical details.