Sectra Table

Anatomy for Your Career

Sectra Table
Sectra Table

Multi-User Touch Interface
for Team-Based Learning

A simple tactile interface uses intuitive hand gestures, multiple touch points, and easy-to-share tools so groups of up to 10 people can learn anatomy and explore clinical cases as a team. The visualization table provides an ideal environment for quickly integrating real clinical cases into problem-based learning scenarios.

Ever-Expanding Teaching Tool

Use the built-in patient cases or easily import your own to build a library of interesting and relevant anatomical presentations. Imported studies can immediately be visualized in 3D and visualizations can be bookmarked, annotated, and exported as images for integration into lectures or clinical scenarios. Full DICOM support means there is no middle step when getting studies from clinical departments ready for access and presentation on the visualization table.

Highly Adjustable and Mobile

Though large, the visualization table remains extremely mobile; it can quickly and easily be moved between classrooms and laboratories. The visualization table can also change orientation from horizontal to vertical and anywhere in between to optimize ergonomic comfort and visibility for a variety of environments.

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Clinical Imaging

Foundation in Clinical Imaging

The visualization table is powered by a tailored Sectra PACS workstation. Sectra's patented visualization techniques allow immediate display of large datasets, such as high-resolution, full-body scans. Leveraging 20 years of experience with Sectra PACS in clinical radiology departments and over 1,000 installations, the visualization table brings clinical-grade imaging into your anatomical education environment.

Utilizing Sectra's clinical PACS, the visualization table is able to quickly and directly import DICOM studies for automatic display in 2D and 3D. Built-in presets allow you to instantly visualize air, skin, soft tissue, contrast-injected vasculature, bone, or surgical interventions. Precision controls allow you to customize your view even further for unique visualizations of CT and MRI datasets.

Curriculum Integration

Interactive Whole Body Atlas

Interpretation of clinical imaging often requires atlas reference. Built on real anatomy from the Visible Human Project®, the VH Dissector provides this reference allowing students to visualize and interact with over 2,000 structures in 3D and cross-sectional views.

Curriculum Integration

Through the integrated curriculum of the VH Dissector, the visualization table becomes an integral part of the learning process. Students can access and review the same anatomical content at home, on their own computers or in the dissection lab. They can then reinforce their understanding of complex relationships during group sessions at the visualization table.